Bike Rules

We encourage you to ride your bike

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Biking to and from Salesforce Transit Center is highly encouraged. Bike racks are available on every block around the transit center and long-term bike lockers are located adjacent to the Natoma Pedestrian Way, near Second Street. A BikeLink card is needed to access transit center bike lockers available anytime with no long-term commitment, pay as you go at only 5 cents per hour. The card gives you access (first- come, first-served) to lockers at Salesforce Transit Center.

Please note that bikes parked against poles, fences or railings will be removed. Contact your transit agency for their bike rules. See below for Salesforce Transit Center Bike

Bicycles must be walked when inside the transit center, on sidewalks around the center, and on the Bus Plaza and Bus Deck.

Bicycles are permitted on all elevators, except in the Grand Hall. Elevators are located at Beale Street, First Street, on the south side of Shaw Alley and near Second Street.

Bicycles are not allowed in Salesforce Rooftop Park.

Bicycles are not permitted on stairs, except on the north side of Shaw Alley where there are stairs leading directly to the Bus Deck.

Bicycles are not permitted on escalators.

Bicycles are not permitted in restrooms.

Park Rules

Violation of the above rules is subject to citation under Cal. Penal Code Sec. 640(b)(5). Adapted from the TJPA Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct

Create an exceptional visitor experience; facilitate the transportation, retail, and other purposes of the facility; preserve the public’s investment in the transit center infrastructure; and promote a safe and secure transit center for all users.


Park rules

Create an exceptional visitor experience; preserve the Park’s unique ecosystem; enable full activation of the Park; and provide a safe and secure park for all users.