Frequently Asked Questions

Project Status and Components

  • The project is at 30% design and can start utility relocation, right-of-way preservation as funding becomes available.
  • It is environmentally cleared and received its Federal Record of Decision in 2019.
  • The project is currently in the first phase, Project Development, of the FTA CIG program’s three-part process: project development engineering and submittal of the Federal Transit Administration Full Funding Grant Agreement. 
  • The DTX project is a transformational infrastructure investment, delivering on the decades-long promise of bringing communities closer, reducing climate change impacts by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing Bay Area residents with better access to jobs, housing and economic opportunities.
  • This transformative project will close a significant gap in the region’s transportation network; and is the first foundational investment in creating an integrated Bay Area megaregional transportation system, preparing for the second transbay tube, Link 21. 
  • With the two-story trainbox built in the Center’s basement levels, it is waiting for rail connections to the Caltrain Fourth and King station to be built. 
  • When completed, the DTX will bring to fruition the vision of Transbay Program of creating a world-class multimodal transportation hub through the Salesforce Transit Center and deliver the 1999 SF voter mandate to extend Caltrain service into downtown San Francisco.
  • It epitomizes the bold, forward-thinking vision needed to create a brighter transit future for the Bay Area and State that addresses some of the greatest challenges we are experiencing today.

The project consists of 1.3 miles of tunnel that will connect two new rail stations at Fourth & Townsend (adjacent to Caltrain’s SF terminus station at Fourth and King) and the multimodal Salesforce Transit Center (currently connects with nine transit systems to eight Bay Area counties) along with six emergency exit and ventilation structures.