Team & Vision

The Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA) has primary jurisdiction with respect to all matters concerning the financing, design, development, construction, and operation of the Transbay Program.

Vision, Mission & Goals


A transportation gateway that inspires civic pride and progress through world-class architecture, superb functionality and timeless appeal.


To design, build, operate and maintain an intermodal terminal and rail extension and to collaborate with the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and City departments to create an adjacent new transit-oriented neighborhood.


The TJPA is committed to a transparent planning process and will:

  • Report to TJPA Board and the public;
  • Inform stakeholders in a timely manner;
  • Provide clear analysis and documentation to support decision making; and
  • Work with the media to keep communities informed.

Quality Control
The TJPA is committed to excellence and will:

  • Define performance and product criteria;
  • Establish corporate culture of excellence;
  • Properly vet the tradeoffs/decisions that lead to quality;
  • Promote culture of excellence among partner agencies; and
  • Conduct mutual design review for terminal and neighborhood projects to ensure design coherence/integrity.

The TJPA is committed to collaborating with its partners and will:

  • Establish clear understanding of roles and responsibilities;
  • Establish communication protocols and reporting requirements; and
  • Jointly enforce agreements.

Fiduciary Responsibility
The TJPA is committed to maintaining sound fiscal management and will:

  • Develop baseline budgets and schedules;
  • Implement and enforce internal controls;
  • Fulfill financial commitments and obligations;
  • Maintain clear roles and responsibilities and delegation of authority;
  • Maintain sound financial system;
  • Identify opportunities for cost savings in design, construction and operation of public infrastructure;
  • Coordinate sale/joint development of formerly state-owned properties to support project financial plan; and
  • Promote timely, financially beneficial development within redevelopment area.

Return on Investment
The TJPA is committed to ensuring Program effectiveness and efficiency and will:

  • Perform functional analyses (terminal & extension) to ensure effectiveness and efficiency;
  • Perform value engineering; and
  • Analyze and deliver joint development opportunities.

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Team and Vision

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Board of Directors

The TJPA Board of Directors is comprised of representatives from the City and County of San Francisco.

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The TJPA’s Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) represents the diversity of the Bay Area and was created to advise the TJPA Board of Directors on matters of public interest relating to the Transbay Program.

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