The Transbay neighborhood includes plans for more than 6 million square feet of new downtown office space in a high-density commercial core surrounding the Transit Center and nearly 4,400 units of new housing of which 1,200 (35%)  will be permanently affordable. 

With the Transit Center at its core

Roughly bounded by Market Street on the north, the Embarcadero on the east, Folsom Street on the south, and Hawthorne Street to the west, the District’s gracious sidewalks and public plazas will be filled with pedestrians day and night. The District’s buildings, while great in stature, will engage the street at a distinctly human scale and create comfortable and engaging urban spaces.
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Catch the bird-eye view of the Transbay neighborhood


Transit Oriented Development

The Transbay Program is a National Model for Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

The Heart of San Francisco

The Transit Center is the hub of a transit-oriented neighborhood where people live, work, visit parks, and shop within walking distance of public transportation.

Reduce Emissions, Improved Efficiency 

The transit oriented development around the Transit Center reduces energy and commuting costs, resulting in increases in household incomes, with reduced traffic congestion and commute times increasing productivity. 

Creating Open Space

The transit oriented development spurred by the construction of the Transit Center, helps conserve land, particularly sensitive natural areas, and reduce suburban sprawl. They improve health as more people walk and ride bikes, increase neighborhood mobility, and provide new recreational opportunities through development of urban parks. 



The Transit Center District Plan and the Transbay Redevelopment Plan are the essential implementing documents for the new Transbay neighborhood.

About 6 million square feet of new downtown office space

in a high density commercial core surrounding the new Transit Center, providing space for more than 24,000 new employees.

About 4,500 new homes

including about 1,300 affordable units, housing more than 7,000
new residents.

Approximately 100,000

Approximately 100,000 square feet of new retail in the Transit Center.

Approximately 150,000 square feet

of new retail in the Transbay neighborhood surrounding the Transit Center.

A dramatic new skyline

punctuated by a limited number of tall buildings, including the tallest high-rise in San Francisco and new hotels.

New public parks,

including a 5.4-acre rooftop park on the Transit Center and more than 5 acres of new parks in the Transbay neighborhood.

Wide sidewalks

with landscaping, lighting, seating, and pedestrian amenities.

Mid-block crossings

keyed to alleyway systems and other pedestrian safety improvements.

Safe bicycle lanes that are convenient.


See Delivering on the Vision

Economic Impact

Creating Jobs

The Program will create an estimated 125,000 jobs, directly, indirectly and induced, including approximately 8,300 construction and 27,000 permanent jobs. It will open up a significant number of employment opportunities for people that live in San Francisco and along the Peninsula Corridor.

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