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Monthly Investment Report for August 2016: (8)_August_2016 09/03/2016 TJPA Financial application/pdf 91.53 KB
Section 106 Memorandum of Agreement Amendment 2: MOA Amendment 2 08/19/2016 Environmental Documents application/pdf 754.75 KB
Monthly Investment Report for July 2016: (7)_July_2016 08/16/2016 TJPA Financial application/pdf 92.01 KB
Monthly Investment Report for June 2016: (6)_June_2016 07/14/2016 TJPA Financial application/pdf 85.32 KB
Monthly Investment Report for May 2016: (5)_May_2016 06/09/2016 TJPA Financial application/pdf 85.54 KB
Transbay Program Budgets: Phase_1_Budget_Website_Jun16 06/09/2016 TJPA Financial application/pdf 72.55 KB
Transbay Program Budgets: View 06/09/2016 TJPA Financial application/pdf 432.55 KB
DRAFT Anticipated Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) Participation Level (ADPL): Public_Notice_TJPA_Draft_DBE_Methodology_Calculation_FFY_17-19 05/13/2016 Items for Public Comment application/pdf 55.92 KB
Monthly Investment Report for March 2016: (3A)_March_2016 05/12/2016 TJPA Financial application/pdf 84.39 KB
Monthly Investment Report for April 2016: (4)_April_2016 05/12/2016 TJPA Financial application/pdf 163.09 KB
Monthly Investment Report for February 2016: (2)_February_2016 03/10/2016 TJPA Financial application/pdf 79.55 KB
Monthly Investment Report for January 2016: (1)_January_2016 02/11/2016 TJPA Financial application/pdf 86.72 KB
Monthly Investment Report for December 2015: December_2015 01/07/2016 TJPA Financial application/pdf 97.43 KB
Draft Supplemental EIS/EIR: TJPA_Draft_SEIS-EIR_Postcard_6x9_Final.pdf 12/28/2015 Environmental Documents application/pdf 88.53 KB
Draft Supplemental EIS/EIR: TJPA_Draft_SEIS-EIR_Main_Document_Final.pdf 12/28/2015 Environmental Documents application/pdf 36.56 MB
Draft Supplemental EIS/EIR: TJPA_Draft_SEIS-EIR_Appendices_Final.pdf 12/28/2015 Environmental Documents application/pdf 12.9 MB
FY 2015 Financial Statements: FY2014-2015_TJPA_Financial_Statements 12/11/2015 TJPA Financial application/pdf 618.56 KB
Monthly Investment Report for October & November 2015: October-November_2015 12/10/2015 TJPA Financial application/pdf 117.02 KB
FY 2014 Financial Statements: FY2013-2014_TJPA_Financial_Statements 11/26/2014 TJPA Financial application/pdf 571.25 KB
FY 2013 Financial Statements: FY2012-2013_TJPA_Financial_Statements 12/04/2013 TJPA Financial application/pdf 594.84 KB
Transbay Transit Center: Key Investment in San Francisco's Future as a World Class City: Economic Benefits 11/15/2013 General TJPA Documents application/pdf 1.85 MB
Quality Management System Manual: Quality Management System Manual 09/30/2013 Technical Documents application/pdf 3.3 MB
Notice of Preparation of a Supplemental EIS/EIR on the Transbay Transit Center Program: NOP of a SEIS-EIR on the Transbay Transit Center Program 04/30/2013 Environmental Documents application/pdf 3.41 MB
FY 2012 Financial Statements: FY2011-2012_TJPA_Financial_Statements 12/03/2012 TJPA Financial application/pdf 920.67 KB
Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program: SBE_Policy_No_015_Rev2 09/13/2012 Contractor/Vendor Forms and Documents application/pdf 3.17 MB