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TJPA Park Rules Adopted 9-7-17 03/21/2023 General TJPA Documents application/pdf 92.5 KB
TJPA Citizens Advisory Committee Bylaws: TJPA CAC Bylaws (revised February 2007) 02/15/2007 General TJPA Documents application/pdf 44.21 KB
Land-Survey-Transbay_Update-6-19-23-to-7-17-23.pdf 07/05/2023 General TJPA Documents application/pdf 150.06 KB
Draft EIS/EIR: Appendix_C 10/01/2002 Environmental Documents application/pdf 48.83 KB
Draft EIS/EIR: Chapter_4c_images 10/01/2002 Environmental Documents application/pdf 2.61 MB
Final EIS/EIR: FEIS_ApxAB 06/15/2004 Environmental Documents application/pdf 227.08 KB
Final EIS/EIR: FEIS_Vol_II 06/15/2004 Environmental Documents application/pdf 1.71 MB
Reevaluation of Transbay Program Final EIS: 06_Exhibit 5_2004 EIS-5th Addendum 05/21/2010 Environmental Documents application/pdf 24.21 MB
Final Supplemental EIS/EIR: Vol 2 TJPA Final SEIS EIR App A Part 1_11-18 11/26/2018 Environmental Documents application/pdf 5.91 MB
Notice of Intent to Amend the Conflict of Interest Code: COI Notice of Intent-Amend 1-26-18 01/26/2018 Items for Public Comment application/pdf 15.52 KB
Transbay Program Budgets: View 06/09/2016 TJPA Financial application/pdf 432.55 KB
Quarterly Investment Report for October-December 2016: TJPA_Investment_Report_2QFY17 01/30/2017 TJPA Financial application/pdf 25.51 KB
Monthly Investment Report for December 2017: (12)_December_2017 01/09/2018 TJPA Financial application/pdf 86.99 KB
Monthly Investment Report for Novemer 2018: (11) November 2018 12/07/2018 TJPA Financial application/pdf 163.32 KB
FY19 Annual Financial Report: FY2018-2019 TJPA Annual Financial Report 12/14/2019 TJPA Financial application/pdf 1.41 MB
Quarterly Investment Report for July-September 2020: FY21 Q1 Quarterly Investment Report 10/28/2020 TJPA Financial application/pdf 286.07 KB
Quarterly Investment Report for July-September 2021: FY22 Q1 Quarterly Investment Report 10/30/2021 TJPA Financial application/pdf 329.33 KB
Monthly Investment Report for April 2022: (04) April 2022 05/23/2022 TJPA Financial application/pdf 193.31 KB
FY23 Q3 Quarterly Financial Reports 06/27/2023 TJPA Financial application/pdf 518.82 KB
TJPA Travel Policy for Consultants and Subconsultants: Travel Policy for TJPA Consultants and Subconsultants 10/01/2009 Contractor/Vendor Forms and Documents application/pdf 54.51 KB
23-04 Request for Qualifications - PDB Civil and Tunnel AD02.pdf 12/08/2023 Contractor/Vendor Forms and Documents application/pdf 1.97 MB
RFP 23-03 PMCM Services Addendum 4 8-29-23.pdf 01/26/2024 Contractor/Vendor Forms and Documents application/pdf 109.34 KB
Transbay_Update_1.6.2017 04/20/2023 General TJPA Documents application/pdf 336.17 KB
Joint Powers Agreement creating the Transbay Joint Powers Authority: TJPA Joint Powers Agreement (approved April 2001) 04/01/2001 General TJPA Documents application/pdf 1.97 MB
Board Policy 004-Equal Employment Opportunity 09/16/2004 General TJPA Documents application/pdf 18.96 KB