Bus Storage

The Bus Storage, located on the block bounded by Second, Perry, Third, and Stillman streets under the west approach of Interstate-80 to the Bay Bridge, will be built to house buses for AC Transit during weekday off-peak hours when the buses are not transporting riders between San Francisco and the East Bay. The project includes, among other things, aesthetic sound walls; retaining walls; an administrative building (three modular units) for office, storage, and restroom facilities; and a bus link ramp providing a direct connection between the Bus Storage and the Bus Ramp to the Transit Center. The project is currently in the construction phase and is scheduled for completion in Summer, 2018.

Golden Gate Transit operates its own facility for daytime off-peak staging of its buses adjacent to the AC Transit Bus Storage, on the block bounded by Third, Perry, Fourth, and Stillman streets. The projects are independent.

An update on the Bus Storage Facility can be found at this link: